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Katerina Vysotsky

Websites of My Parents

Nataliya Vysotsky - My Mother

My mother was born in Sedlishche, Ukraine. She married Anatoly Vysotsky on June 24, 2006. Presently she resides in Ephrata, Pennsylvania together with her husband, my father, and four children, me and my siblings.

Anatoly Vysotsky - My Father

My father was born in Kivertsi, Ukraine and moved to Pennsylvania, USA where he has resided since January of 1990. He married Nataliya Shereyko on June 24, 2006 in Sacramento, California and brought her to Ephata, Pennsylvania.

Amazing Universal Services

Amazing Universal Services

This is business of my Father. He provides Bookkeeping, Tax Return Preperation, Interpretation and Notary Public Services.

Websites of My Siblings

Lilia Vysotsky

My sister. She is in third grade.

David Vysotsky

My brother. He is in first grade.

Milana Vysotsky

My sister. She is the youngest.